Digital Evidence
Combining the principles of DURABILITY, TRANSPARENCY and PORTABILITY
we deliver the world痴 leading digital evidence solution,
Evident Technologies (
Irrefutable evidence of WHO, WHAT & WHEN of any digital data over any digital medium.
>   Integrity
     Proof that the data is unique and has not been changed
>   Verification
     The authenticity of the data is independently verifiable
>   Independence & Portability
     Sent, Copied or Stored, data can still be validated
>   Durability
     The evidence endures for an open ended period of time
>   Transparency
     Evidence is presented clearly and unambiguously
>   Legality
     Compliant with all global Acts, Codes and Directives addressing digital evidence

Due to the durable nature of the solution it also represents a viable alternative to the transportation and retention of paper